Insurance & Safety

Insurance and Bonding

While choosing an experienced company is the first step toward peace of mind, Colfax Corporation has an insurance policy that offers you dramatically more protection than is offered by any other environmental contractor. Our insurance provider is rated A++ XV by A.M. Best and each project is covered up to $5 million, with a total aggregate limit up to $25 million.

Recognizing our strong financial and work experience, a highly rated, treasury-listed company has secured and established an aggregate amount of $25 million of bonding, with higher limits available depending on the particular project.


Colfax Corporation‘s goal on every project is to establish the safest work environment possible. We accomplish this goal through the efforts of our full-time Safety Director and the implementation of our comprehensive written safety program.

The Director monitors every project to ensure safe work practices. Through site visitation, work-task review, evaluation of job site conditions and inspection of equipment and personnel protection, customers can be assured that each project functions with optimum safety measures. The Director also consults with each Project Supervisor on how the project should proceed in order to minimize the potential for accidents and injury. All workers are required to attend periodic health and safety training sessions as well as weekly job site “tool box” meetings to review their work conditions and safety issues.

Our written safety program addresses the potential safety issues that could arise on a given project. We implement the written program on every one of our projects. In addition, the Director updates the written program regularly to ensure that it is in compliance with all changes in the law and up-to-date on all current safety methods and techniques.

This dedicated attention to safe work practices has resulted in one of the industry’s most impressive safety records.