COVID-19 Certified / Trained Cleanup Crews

Colfax Corporation offers two solutions for disinfecting facilities and equipment to keep your operations running.

Decades of experience working with hazardous materials in adverse conditions allows us to take on any type of COVID-19 cleanup. Colfax employees are trained to use personal protective equipment in accordance with OSHA regulation. Our cleaning techniques, outlined here, meet up-to-date guidelines from the CDC.

We are able to tailor our service to your unique needs and schedule. Please call with any questions.

We offer the following COVID-19 cleaning techniques:

Option 1

Manual cleaning with CDC approved disinfectant. Our trained personnel will manually spray and wipe your “high touch” surfaces. This is the most common method used for disinfecting.

Option 2

Hospital-grade sanitation. We use a vapor to quickly disperse ShockWave cleaning solution, killing germs throughout a room. Testing strips are used to verify that the space is completely decontaminated.

More information about COVID-19 facility cleaning can be found at the CDC.