Once hailed as a "miracle" mineral, asbestos has been used since the early 1900s for fireproofing, insulation and sound control. Time, however, has proven asbestos to be a significant health hazard, linked to serious lung disease and certain types of cancer.

Colfax Corporation has the expertise, experience and equipment to protect your employees and the environment from exposure to this hazardous material during the abatement process. Using state-of-the-art equipment, advanced systems and fully trained and certified workers, we can help you meet your legal, health and safety requirements.

We have the facilities for removal and proper disposal of pipe, duct, boiler and other asbestos containing insulations, sprayed-on fire retardant and acoustical wall materials, floor and ceiling tiles, panel boards, and other asbestos-containing products. All work, performed in full accordance with federal, state and local regulations, is carefully designed to minimize disruption to your building operations.

We offer the following in-house services:
· Fully licensed asbestos removal
· Asbestos inspections, sampling and surveys
· Insulation repair, encapsulation or enclosure
· Re-insulation
· Asbestos awareness training

See our listing and more information about asbestos related diseases on:
Mesothelioma Cancer Center

Used indiscriminately in products ranging from paints to motor fuels to piping and solder, lead is an insidious poison. Building up in the body, it can cause anemia and has been proven to damage the kidneys, the digestive system, the reproductive system and other vital organs. Even at low levels, it can impair hearing, learning ability and coordination, particularly in young children.

Colfax Corporation has been able to apply many of the techniques perfected in asbestos abatement to the mitigation of lead based paint. Our certified, experienced personnel use the latest proven systems and technology to assess the extent of your lead problem, devise an effective solution, and execute a program that brings you into conformance with federal and local regulations.

A variety of techniques are available, including abrasion, heat scraping, and chemical and mechanical removal. Each incorporates special controls to guard against the spread of lead dust or fumes during the process. Disposal is accomplished in full accordance with all applicable regulations.

In some cases, containment provides an equally effective and less costly alternative to removal. Encapsulating coatings are available for both exterior and interior surfaces. They provide high resistance to weathering, vapor transmission, abrasion and fire. Other solutions include sealants and total enclosure.

In residential and commercial buildings upon identification of the mold type and source, Colfax Corporation can provide turnkey remediation, disposal and renovation of the affected area. Our personnel have been trained in the most current techniques of isolation and removal, which allows us to project realistic time frames for remediation and renovation.

Colfax Corporation has successfully completed many projects that have required design and restoration of building components upon completion of remediation:
· Insulation
· Fireproofing
· Ceiling Systems
· Lighting Systems
· Drywall/Plastering/Painting
· Flooring Systems
· Re-roofing
· Lead and Asbestos Inspection
· General Contracting

For the next remediation project, you can reduce your costs by relying on Colfax Corporation to coordinate the replacement of building systems.

Colfax Corporation, along with its related company, National Wrecking Company, provides a full range of demolition services including selective demolition, partial/interior demolition, total structural demolition and hauling/disposal. As a result of our relationship with National Wrecking Company, we can control both the environmental remediation and demolition process thereby expediting work which results in a less expensive and more efficient project for our customers.

No matter how well you maintain your ACM, a boiler breakdown, a leaking pipe, or any number of situations can threaten your operation and productivity. When you need quick response, Colfax Corporation can be there.

Colfax Corporation has the tools, experience and the personnel to provide timely responsiveness and remediation to virtually any emergency situation, offering:
· Prompt arrival at your site to assess the situation and determine the necessary remediation.
· Guaranteed time and materials rate.
· Full compliance with governmental regulations.
· Full documentation and work records.

You can contact us through our 24-hour Emergency Response toll free number at:
1-866-COLFAX1 (265-3291)

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